What is omni channel digital marketing?

It’s considering the different touch points your customers use as they interact with your brand and tailoring your sales approach to make all your advertising channels work together.

Beyond the marketing jargon, omni channel digital marketing is actually powerful stuff.

Not just because you’re thinking about and optimising all of your marketing channels, but because there is some amazing synergy produced when you pull it off correctly.

This isn’t just about ticking the boxes of Pay Per Click, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, email Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation. It’s a shift in mindset where you stop viewing these marketing channels as stand alone silos and start thinking about an overarching strategy where they work together.

Think of it as an ecosystem. In nature an ecosystem is a community of interacting organisms. Everything is linked together as food and fuel for other organisms. Omni channel digital marketing works the same.

To demonstrate what I mean, think of how you approach SEO and content marketing.

Hopefully your SEO and content marketing strategy is doing its job and delivering more visitors to your website. If it is congrats, kudos to you!

But if you just focus on an SEO and content strategy, it’s unlikely you’ll benefit a great deal from this boost in website visitors.

However, if you’ve setup an omni channel strategy, your SEO link building and content marketing strategies increases visitors to your website, this in turn builds up your remarketing lists for Facebook and Adwords. From these remarketing lists your Facebook campaigns become more targeted and effective, sending more qualified traffic to your site. You can then capture more emails from your website email opt-ins, which fuel your email marketing campaigns even further.


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If setup properly, your omni channel digital marketing strategy should be like compounding interest. It’s a system which feeds off itself, creating a snowballing effect where traffic and conversions (whatever your online business goals may be) are continually multiplied. This compounding effect is how you establish your brand and dominate your niche.

Let’s look at two scenarios.

In the first we see each advertising platform working independently. You pump money into Facebook, it provides conversions. You utilise Adwords, and it also provides conversions. You then repeat this process driving the same volume of traffic. Your outcome is directly related to the money you put in.

Marketing channels working with no synergy

Marketing channels working alone

You can improve your results by testing and optimising your advertising campaigns, however there is no multiplying factor giving you the ‘compounding interest’.

Now let’s look what happens when we consider the links between the various advertising channels.

Omni channel digital marketing synergy

Marketing channels working together with synergy

Suddenly each channel is fuelling the other channels. The traffic you drive to your site via Facebook can now be filtered and captured as remarketing lists in Adwords. The email addresses you capture from your ‘email capture’ on your blog are now fed into Facebook. Everything works together for the benefit of your online marketing as a whole.

Let’s look at each of the channels individually to highlight how they fit into the overall game plan and how we can promote synergy.

Social Media

Facebook is the king of customer identification. The amount of data they have on their users is scarily useful. Combined with ‘Lookalike Audiences’ you have one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

  • Make sure you have your Facebook remarketing pixel installed, building up a list of people who visit your site/landing page. Especially those who have converted.
  • Don’t wait to build your lookalike audiences through just your Facebook data, supercharge them by feeding in your email marketing lists.
  • Build up your email database by running an email capture competition through Facebook, this can be used to feed your email marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click (Adwords, Bing)

Remarketing is a strong element in many successful PPC strategies. Collect remarketing lists based on specific areas of your site people have visited (basket, checkout, landing pages, category pages, thank-you page etc) and hit them back with highly targeted ads as they browse other sites on the Google Display Network.

But don’t just stop there, Google is constantly updating remarketing avenues and possibilities.

  • You can now upload email lists into Adwords for remarketing
  • Youtube is a cheap source of traffic, look at building remarketing lists through people who view your videos and then remarketing to them through the Google Display Network.

If you’re just running Adwords campaigns your remarketing lists are going to build slowly. However, if you are building traffic through SEO and directing traffic from Facebook these remarketing list will blow up.

Email Marketing

As mentioned earlier, build your email lists through Facebook email capture competitions. Also make sure your site is setup to capture email addresses through email opt-ins. Offer some bait for these email addresses such as a free e-book download.

  • If you’re generating leads online don’t forget about customers who don’t convert. You can retarget them with automated email sequences.
  • Automated email sequences should consider the typical buying cycle of your customer, the roadblocks they face in doing business with you and your unique selling proposition (USPs). Check out this article for a complete guide on creating an abandoned cart email strategy.


SEO is both the mechanic making your site run smoothly and the person with the megaphone telling everyone to take notice.

  • Make sure your on-page optimisation is helping drive traffic. Are your title tags and meta descriptions well thought out and relevant?
  • Are you producing regular content so that Google can crawl your articles for long tail keywords?
  • If you have a blog, a tool like Yoast makes it easy to tweak your blog articles to give them the best chance to rank organically on Google.

Steps to take now for omni channel digital marketing success

If your online marketing efforts are not enjoying the synergistic benefits I’ve mentioned above, take action now and get the ball rolling:

  • Start building remarketing lists in Adwords and Facebook of visitors (especially those who have converted)
    Implement a long term SEO strategy, content is king
  • Use email opt-ins on your site – for example the SumoMe email capture tools
  • Experiment with lookalike audiences in Facebook, using email addresses obtained from your website/landing pages and Facebook competitions.
  • Encourage people to share your content through social media and more importantly, write amazing content which people want to share.

Start with these action points today, the earlier you begin thinking about an omni channel digital marketing approach, the more your results will compound and grow.

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